Narrated by LIA. Written by Georg Schmertzing.

The chapter:

"The Akasha Chronicle is the space-house of memories,
of the present and of the future projections"

All we can say here about the cosmic Akashic Chronicle is based  to experience the non-physical world-traveler LIA and visitor to the cosmic Akashic Chronicle.

Before we go into the content and the responses from the Akashic Chronicle, we give a thorough description of this universal store.

According to ancient Indian tradition, everything that has happened and each interaction with creation, is not irretrievably lost, but recorded on a higher level of fine matter.  The cosmic version of this is called ‘Akasha Chronicle’.  This has been the Indian name for a universal database for millennia.  The original cosmic name for the Akasha Chronicle sounds differently and means something akin to ‘testimony’.

The famous palm leaf libraries in India are something that emerged from the Akasha Chronicle.  They consist of a large number of inscribed palm leaves, which contain individual and sometimes collective information, which is accessible to everybody who inquires about their past, future or current life.  They are preserved and periodically re-written over thousands of years by especially initiated and trained insiders.  They were founded by the mythical rishis – Indian sages from a bygone, last Golden Age – and written originally in either Old Tamil or possibly Sanskrit.
The past, present and future of all creation are already recorded in this ‘portrayal of the primal ground of being".

However, not all Akasha Chronicle information is understood by sprituall learned scholars because it often exceeds their capacity of logical linear comprehension.  The true meaning will be sent to their consciousness but it is not immediately understandable.  Sometimes the right words are missing to put meaning into context and at other times there is not enough time to let them mature. 
The source of all living matter lies by God.  The cosmic Akasha Chronicle offers like a library a level of information from a divine source, which does not represents the life itself directly, but  as a reflection of life. Including all the information since the creation and about the developments in all the universes.  It relates to individual beings as well as with entire folk-people, their actions, relationships and opportunities – their taken or overstayed possibilities.  It does so within the framework of eternal laws of creation and development as well as the laws of cause and effect.  These laws are the foundations of the creation, the multiplicity of life-movements in time and space well-regulated.  
Contained in the Akasha Chronicle they can be seen on one hand as a theoretically geometric representation of cosmic laws and on the other hand as practically a sort of film with holographic effects presenting events of the past and present or the options of the future.
The famous astrologer of the 17th century, Johannes Keppler, formulated it like this: “Geometry existed before the creation of things  - eternal as the spirit of God itself - and has delivered prototypes for the creation.” (Harmonica Mundi 1619)  This ever-lasting geometry is being supplemented in the Akasha Chronicle with ‘documentation in pictures’.
This description was transmitted to LIA in the fullness of its meaning:  “The Akasha Chronicle is the space-house of memories, of the present and of the future projections.  It is a ‘mirror of all living things ’ or a ‘technical storage of all events including cause and effect’.  It is the storage of universal spiritual information including primordial – impulses and all events since the beginning of creation. Everything that i s , w a s   and   ever w i l l   b e, real or ideal or in whatever form is recorded here as a subtle Image and Information”.
In this context, ‘ideal’ refers to that which, in the best-case scenario, arises out of the divine order.  ‘Real’ refers to the case in which the best case scenario through the free decision of man does not occur and when new possibilities for action arise according to the law of cause and effect.  
As already mentioned in the Foreword, the answers presented in the Akasha Chronicle are often shocking and not a subject to the current line of our habitual thinking we already have.  
The Akasha Chronicle focuses on a timeless truth.  
In the prophetic ‘Revelations’ of John of the New Testament he describes the situation of the world by ‘seeing and hearing’ and records his description of change with God’s monumental demand:
"Behold I make all things new”.  It goes on to say “….and books were opened. Another book was opened which is the Book of Life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.” (Revelation 20:12)  Everything that has happened and will happen is therefore recorded In these ‘books’ which are not really books as we usually understand them, but storage for information of this fine matter.   In this instance it is the Akasha Chronicle, which offers this ultimate storage place.  
We gratefully receive this readily available information.

There are still a few people who could gain access to the Akasha Chronicle but they are not interested in this and prefer using other less strenuous paths like for example plunging directly into the life of cosmic civilizations for many centuries instead of dealing with the fast processing, indirect and distanced collection of information presented by the Akasha Chronicle.


Is it possible for clairvoyants and prophets to predict the future because they can read it in the Akasha Chronicle or are they reading it in morphogenetic fields?

I perceive (through the Akasha Chronicle) a difference between morphogenetic fields and the chronicles as well as between visionaries and prophets.  There is often a confusion between the cosmic Akasha Chronicle and local event storage mechanisms known as morphogenetic fields. Morphogenetic Fieldsare arise there where they happen and are directly more or less perceptible.  

The chronicles are separate places they collect all this fields, reveal the processes and at the same time the backgrounds and explanations to the occurrences.  It occupies its own place outside of the events surrounding the creation. The reader can glimpse contents of other systems and worlds in a compressed form without losing time by direct experience.

Clairvoyants usually read the Morphogenetic Fields of the people who question them.  Through many incarnations they attain the ability to reach conclusions and they ‘see’ or foresee possibilities, which emerge from the aura of a person so that they can give information about the near future. Usually these people have very old souls who put their acquired knowledge and the intuition of the experiences of their various reincarnations to the use of others.  Somebody who has been through a situation several times and in several ways can often recognize what is going on without listen many details. This wealth of experience enables the seer to evaluate the possibilities for the future also for others.

Prophets deal with the more distant future and within a wider time limit.  The guardians have allocated them a warning function and they point towards the worst-case scenario the future might bring.  Specific information is handed on to them (different from clairvoyants and seers) by the guardians and High Light Master’s without having to come to conclusions and answers themselves.  In this way spiritual leaders want to suggest the necessity of change in lifestyle or mental attitudes within the radius of prophets.  If the message reported from the guardians to the prophets is not as dramatic as feared than it means that humans have altered their ways and the warning has served its purpose.

It could happen that if something important is pending and the chosen prophet is not susceptible to a direct communication with the guardians and High Light Master’s, he will be given access to the Akasha Chronicle.  Probably only for a short time, as he will only register in his memory one of the various possibilities listed there.  The fact that it is the prophet’s role to point towards the most dramatic of developments could also be read as a sign by the guardians that his own personal stance is not positive enough.  The intention of the guardians can therefore be seen not only as bringing a collective warning but also as delivering personal and individual stimuli towards development.  
Guardians tend to solve various problems on different Levels at the same time.

Who reads the Akasha Chronicle?

Students of spiritual matters and some insiders, ascending humans who have just emerged from the ‘death zone’ by their own efforts, who want to widen their horizon or need certain information for their coming tasks on a new level. Within the cosmic Akasha Chronicle it is possible for readers to begin to understand cosmic systems and worlds without time-consuming direct experience.  The Akasha Chronicle does not constitute a required course of learning:  Master Lao Tse, after he had risen, read in it; his twin soul, Guan Yin, also raised, could have gained access if it had wanted to.  But she did not put in the request.

Lao Tse and Guan Yin


…………….LIA was shown as a warning example in the Akasha Chronicle a High Priest from the hey day of the Inca culture who wanted to read the Akasha Chronicle driven by magic motives of power and who was hit so hard by the shock of information that he immediately left his office and went to hide in far away cottages in order to avoid being a priest who acted against the will of God. For he had made some human sacrifice offerings and assumed that these sacrifices would please the sun god particularly.  What he saw in the Akasha Chronicle was obviously very compelling evidence that the extinction of human life contravenes fundamentally against divine order.  This shattered his belief system in such a radical fashion that he died soon after in misery and constant fear.  His people looked for him everywhere, but he had disappeared.  Shocked by the incorruptible information of the Akasha Chronicle he did not dare to share this new truth with his people.  If he had asked the guardians – the faithful companions of mankind – for advice before, nothing would have happened to him.  
This story shows us that human beings who want to read in the Akasha Chronicle must never be too closely enmeshed with their own cultural environment.  They must take a neutral stance in order to absorb new views ‘from the top of the mountain’ without losing faith in themselves and the divine order.  They have to preserve their own vibrations otherwise spiritual confusion might ensue.  This basic approach to the Akasha Chronicle can be described as ‘with a respectful distance, but not indifferent’.  That much is certain: information from the Akasha Chronicle can not be suppressed in order to gain personal advantages.

Translation by Luise Verey    November 2011

          (Original german version: "Was die Akasha Chronik wirklich ist" )